Would you like to live high class at a low price? Look no further than L’viv, Ukraine.

I had the honor of visiting there a few times in the past couple years. I will write more about other amazing and interesting things I saw there in other posts but this particular experience really stood out to me!  Near the center of L’viv, you will find The National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. This building is beautiful inside and out. Click HERE for a 360-degree virtual tour. My story is written below.

I was enjoying some time with friends in L’viv when they suggested we go to the National theater that evening. I know how costly these “high brow” events can be in other parts of Europe, but what a surprise I had when we got to the ticket counter.

There were tickets available from 50 UAH (less than $2) or the BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE for 300 UAH ($12). These professional productions included the Nutcracker among others and certainly offer a treat for the eyes and ears. Not only was the performance excellent, but the architecture as well. In keeping with high society I indulged myself in the finer offerings of L’viv. Champagne and hot dogs. Yes, it’s real, click HERE. Only 5-minutes walk from the National Theater.

L’vivs’ National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet is a MUST for anyone with even the most basic interest in the arts. You can also experience a part of local culture for a fraction of the cost in most other European countries.

There are a variety of clever, amusing and beautiful sights as well as activities waiting for you visit in L’viv. I have yet to visit the other major Ukrainian cities of Odessa and Kiev, but the word on the street is they are equally as enchanting.

Photo of Lviv Opera house from Alex Yurko


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