You can see the walls and wire in the distance; heavy defenses with the threat of injury if you choose to go further into the borderland.

the unknown.

Your friends told you “don’t go”. Your parents say “it’s dangerous” but you know that the only wrong move would be to “make no move at all”. The consequence of staying put equals death to your soul, the consequence of leaving into the unknown is a definite resistance from many around you who tell you they have your best interest in mind. You are in the borderland.

This choice to shift places or “step across the border” in your life may never take place geographically. It doesn’t have to.

There are so many daily “uphill battle” choices to make that require a movement of mind more than of location. Maybe it’s the choice to quit your day job and start your own business, or the choice to end an unhealthy but familiar relationship. Maybe it’s choosing to forgive and put justice second, or a choice to shake up your daily routine, leave the familiar behind and find more fulfilling and purpose orientated ways to spend your time.

No doubt if you manage to live a few decades more you will likely come to regret things you did NOT do far more than things you did. This process can involve reaching out to your inner child and listening to why you may not have the confidence to take these important next steps. You can click HERE for a brief overview of the “inner child” concept.


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